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Masturbating using a black Tenga Flip.

Masturbating using a black Tenga Flip.

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For Cestmir birthday, Mirek and Tomik bought a sex toy. With some coaxing and a few slanderous allusions to his masculinity, Cestmir is finally persuaded to try it right in front of his friends. It doesn’t take long before he spills his seeds !

That’s an interesting toy : I’ve never seen something like this before. It’s a pump with a frenulum vibrator. I have no doubts that it works !

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how to make a flesh-light?

Amazed by the considerate doings of the Fleshlight all over his cock, he couldn’t help but keep his eyes focussed on it. He wasn’t aware that the plaything had also put a foolish smile on his face, engrossed as he was by the flurry of sensations that clouded his mind each time the Fleshlight swallowed his length. He felt serene and soothed : nothing mattered at this time… except the communion between his rigid sword and this lubed sheath. 

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Something weird keeps happening. While I was masturbating the other day when I came I thought I was Finished but I still had a hard on so I had masturbate again and again... So is it bad masturbating 3 times in row. I've been doing this for a week.

You can masturbate as many times as you can. You cannot hurt yourself with masturbation. (1)

If you can do it, want to do it and need to do it, then go for it ! Give yourself as many orgasms as you want.

I’d be really curious to understand how come your first orgasm doesn’t send you into your refractory period right away. Are you having aborted ejaculations ?

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(1) although you may hurt yourself using objects to masturbate…

Masturbating, using the prayer grip

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Wow, your blog is amazing. I think I found my favorite new favorite place to be at.

Thanks !

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I'm 23. I never had a sex with girl or boy :) When i watching gay videos my ass starting to be hot and itch. İts not joke :) Is it normal and what should i do?

Why haven’t you had sex ?
What’s preventing you to have sex ?
With whom do you want to have sex with (boy or girl) ?

I think your body is desperate you make a move. So it’s sending you all kinds of message to prod you.

Look at your porn stash : what do you see ? Now you know the type you should be looking for ! Now close your laptop, have a shower and go meet the person you and your body so obviously need !

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Masturbating (to ejaculation) with a friend

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