I LOVE YOUR SITE! My eyes are permanently rolled back in my head I'm sure! I only need two sites for my masturbation pleasure, yours and Bateworld! The videos are my favorite part. Is there a way to express to the back so I can get some of the earlier material fast? Each time I come here I click back one more page every time, which takes time. I'm addicted to the material and would love to be able to access all the vids more efficiently, THANKS man! Eric

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Unfortunately, that’s the way Tumblr works (other blog engines have similar limitations). Another annoyance is that the search field only works for keywords, not for comments under videos, for instance, so you cannot use this to fast-forward to the page you were yesterday.

What you could do is take note of the page where you were the last time and type it in the URL field. For the videos on my blog, the url is :


where XX is the page number. Currently, there are 48 pages of video on my blog (with a new vid everyday on average, this means a new page is added every 2 weeks since each page contains 15 posts.)

I’m happy you love my site, and I’m flattered to be up there with Bateworld !


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38 000 followers !

It still impresses me to have so many followers. Thank you again for letting me take a spot on your dashboard !

Masturbating for web friends (ejaculation 0:16)

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Recently I was worried that I had an STD, so I stopped masturbating. However, after getting tested, I still have a lot of anxiety about my body. How can begin to masturbate again? Will ever be able to trust my body again? It's been about 5 weeks and counting since I last masturbated.

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Let’s make it crystal clear that you cannot get an STD (sexually transmitted disease) because of your masturbation habits. Unless of course you shared toys you didn’t clean well.

If you do have an STD, masturbation cannot and won’t make it worse. So once again, this is not a good reason not to masturbate.

As a rule, your body can certainly be trusted. What you do with it, however, may need some checking. Indeed, the real question is how did you get this STD in the first place ? It didn’t appear magically on you : you had to do something to get infected with an STD…

Maybe you meant : how long before I can be sure I have no infections ?

  • AIDS/HIV * : if by 6 months you still test negative (and havent had any other high risk behaviour in the mean time) then you’re ok. HIV can be detected after 21 days at the earliest with a specific quick test (the quick test is meaningful only if you test positive however), but most test will become positive between 3 and 6 months.
  • Hepatitis B * : absence of HBsAg (acute infection antigen) between 2 months and 4 months after contact (it naturally disappears anyway after the 4th to 6th month) means that you don’t have hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C * : acute hepatitis C will develop between 2 weeks and 6 months after contact, so if everything is fine after 6 months, you are not likely to be infected with hepatitis C.
  • Herpes : symptoms will appear 2 weeks after exposure. Antibodies will be present 1 month after exposure, usually, but may take up to 6 months to appear.
  • Gonorrhoea * : if symptoms appear, they will after 5 days for men and 10 days for women. The disease is not always symptomatic however, so urinary testing and anal testing should be done after 5-10 days. Disseminated gonococcal infection may happen 2 to 15 days after infection : it is a rare but deadly complication (symptom includes chills, fever, arthritic pain, meningitis). In this last case, the disease will definitely be symptomatic !
  • Chlamydia * : if symptoms appear, they will after 1 to 3 weeks after exposure. The disease is not always symptomatic however, so urinary testing and anal testing should be done after 1 week. And if treatment was required, retesting has to be done 3 months later.
  • Syphilis : a single, firm, round, painless sore will appear between 10 days and 3 months after exposure. If the infection is anal, the lesions will not be visible.
  • Condylomas : genital warts generally appear between 3 and 12 weeks after exposure (sometimes as soon as 2 weeks). Most warts will clear after 2 years even if not treated.
  • * Diseases marked with * are usually asymptomatic and will usually be diagnosed first and foremost through lab tests.

Once again, however, this has nothing to do with masturbation and you can readily masturbate, whatever disease you may (or may not) have. You have no reason not to ! In fact, if you’re not sure about your status, you even have an extra reason to masturbate : this way, you can’t give anything to anyone, and you still get your sexual fun.

So get erect, wrap your hand around your cock, and slowly move your hand to-and-fro. Aaah !!! There you go ! See ? You’re moving faster already !

Just thinking that you’ve wasted more than 5 weeks of your life already… 😧 😢 Shudder. 😱 

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Moans of a masturbator

…who had already been edging for the last 30 minutes before he started recording. These are the next (and last) 10 minutes.

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Mental preparation

Mental preparation

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itllmakeyoushoot :

Just hanging with the boyfriend… :P

For sure it’s a boy’s friend.

itllmakeyoushoot :

Just hanging with the boyfriend… :P

For sure it’s a boy’s friend.

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“ Masturbation is a sign of respect. For yourself — as you are giving yourself the sexual pleasure you need and enjoy — but also for the significant other. Indeed, because you masturbate, you are not imposing your sexual urges to the other (especially when the other isn’t in the mood). It means that when you have sex together, it is for all the good reasons and not to simply empty your balls. ”

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Exactly. There is no way on earth my wife would agree to be fucked almost every day, let alone for hours at a time.

Thank you, rod pumper for illustrating perfectly what I meant to say.

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