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(Wonderful pic IMHO : a well cut man with broad shoulders and just enough biceps and abs, all these muscles obviously tensed by joy, an expression of bliss in his face, all the while holding his penis with an assertive grip… His ecstasy feels genuine. A beautiful expression of masculinity. An award wining photo !)

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Masturbation acceptance scale

Of course you masturbate. Almost every man masturbates after all. Granted, not every man : there are some who don’t, for many reasons, most of which being legitimate. But the fact that you are reading that blog increases the probability that you masturbate from high to extremely high.

This being said, the fact that you are masturbating doesn’t necessarily mean that you live well with the fact of being a masturbator. Where are you on the following masturbation acceptance scale ?

  1. Thinking about masturbation (whomever might be masturbating) makes you uneasy.
  2. Accepting the concept of masturbation is one thing, but thinking that you masturbate every so often makes you uneasy.
  3. You’ve come to accept the idea that you masturbate, but you feel guilty when you do.
  4. Masturbation is a part of your life, and it’s sort of ok, at least for as long as you don’t think of it that way : you don’t like to recall how often you masturbate.
  5. You are at ease with masturbating whenever you want (given appropriate social context), as long as you are alone and nobody knows, but you don’t like to recall how often you masturbate.
  6. Looking at yourself directly in the eyes, through a mirror, you can visualize yourself masturbating without blushing or loosing eye contact. In your mind, you recognize the fact that you masturbate. You can think about that fact without uneasiness, but you wouldn’t want anyone to know.
  7. Still looking at yourself directly in the eyes through a mirror, you are able to vocalize the fact that you masturbate, but only in hushed tones and/or using slang or derogatory terms.
  8. Once again looking at yourself directly in the eyes through a mirror, you can easily verbalize the fact that you masturbate with your normal voice, using positive words. This being said, you wouldn’t tell anyone publicly. If anyone makes a reference to masturbation in public, you joke it off as a thing for kids.
  9. You are able to discuss masturbation in general terms with a stranger or a friend without blushing or being uneasy, for as long as the fact that you masturbate is not clearly stated. Should you be asked, you will deny or minimize the fact.
  10. In a conversation with friend(s), you can joke about the fact that you masturbate, or you refer to the fact that you may masturbate in derogatory terms, but still can talk about it (you won’t brush it off).
  11. Given an appropriate context, mentioning that you masturbate is natural, with friends or select strangers. A discussion on the subject is not out of bounds. You don’t feel threatened or diminished knowing that your friends know that you masturbate.
  12. In a situation where masturbation is publicly disparaged, would someone imply that you do, you have no problem agreeing with the fact.

I do not include exhibitionist attitudes in this scale, because exhibitionism is not a requirement. It is not even a sign of acceptance, as public masturbation is often done to disturb others. Public masturbation, by an exhibitionist, reveals that the exhibitionist himself thinks that masturbation is shocking. In other words, the publicly masturbating exhibitionist is likely a 1, 2 or 3 on this scale : he is willingly doing something shameful either because he loves to disturb or because he wants to punish himself.

This is a work in progress scale. I don’t consider it to be definitive, not at all. Don’t hesitate to comment.

In the meantime, where are you on this scale ?

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Submitted by Yeskattylove : masturbating

Submitted by Yeskattylove : masturbating

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Some call this handsfree ejaculation. I prefer to call this abandoned ejaculation because the guy does use his hand to bring himself to the brink of orgasm (0:11), but then leaves his penis is left to its own devices during ejaculation (0:13)…

Or at least the first part of it. As you can see, the guy ends up giving his cock a few massaging strokes towards the end (0:23). Indeed, most guy won’t find enjoyable a complete ejaculation sequence without some form of stroking. Truly abandoned ejaculation (with no contact until complete detumescence) are a masochistic experience in frustration and sexual dissatisfaction.

Nevertheless, abandoned ejaculations are an interesting sight and a fabulous display of the bulbocavernosus contractions, the cause of the penis throbs during ejaculation.

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What to do with cum

Masturbating starts off promising, just gets better, and finishes with a fabulous climactic release. But then we have to deal with the messy reality of disposing of a load of cum.

Before talking about disposal, let’s talk briefly about ejaculation. You should never attempt to block the expulsion of your semen. This stuff has to get out. At any rate, letting yourself cum without restraint will also greatly increase your post-orgasmic satisfaction.

Here are possible ways to dispose of your ejaculatory aftermath. From the solid, time-tested methods to the more kinky possibilities…

  • In your hand
    Catching your cum in your hand is sort of a last resort method for when you didn’t plan anything else and you absolutely need to contain the event, or your original plan was thwarted (no tissue in the box, or couldn’t have access to the bathroom…). Keep your palm cupped and your fingers together, as a shield to catch the stream.
  • Into your mouth
    If you’re flexible enough, lie on your back and put your legs and feet up over your head so you’re bent double. Lying on the floor with your back pushed up against the wall can help. Position your cock over your face as you wank, then open your mouth and let the cum fall in. Close your eyes if you’re shooting on your face; semen in the eyes tends to sting.
  • In a tissue
    This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of your spooge. Keep a box of tissues near the bed or where ever you wank, and grab one just a little before the moment of truth arrives — or grab two, if you’re a high volume shooter. Beware though, all brands of tissue aren’t the same. A scratchy tissue can take the shine off your afterglow. Others don’t absorb that much. Experiment with different types to find one that feels good.
  • In a wet washcloth
    Cumming into a warm, wet washcloth can be a pleasure in itself, and is definitely a step up from a tissue. Use fabric softener in the wash for best results. Rinse the washcloth adequately afterwards.
  • In a sock
    Socks are great — there’s usually one lying around — and they fit perfectly over your cock. Thick socks are best for absorption, while dress socks are too thin. When you’re done, toss it into the laundry bin. You may reuse the same sock multiple times, but it might then become permanently stained.
  • In a t-shirt
    Another reliable spunk catcher is the t-shirt. If you’re not wearing one, there’s likely to be one within reach. A t-shirt also has enough material to soak up all your love cream. The downside of using clothing is that you’ll always find yourself automatically checking before you go out to make sure your shirt isn’t crusty.
  • In cum rag
    Once you’ve wasted a few t-shirts, once you grow tired of having bits of tissues stuck on your skin because of your cum and lube, then it’s time to graduate to the cum rag. Stop pretending you were taken off guard by your masturbation and accept the fact that you are masturbating. If you masturbate more than once per month, get yourself the equipment you need : a nice spot to relax, a bottle of lube and a convenient cum rag for your post orgasmic mess. Don’t put your foot in a cum filled sock anymore : get yourself the stuff pros use !
  • In a plastic bag
    Plastic bags from the grocery store or (more expensive) sandwich bags can be very convenient. Especially (but not exclusively) if you’re masturbating someplace where you can’t immediately dispose of your cum, like in a car. Grocery bags are not very tough and tend to be noisy. Sandwich bags, although more expensive, can often be reused over and over again : you simply rince them and allow them to dry inside out between each use. Put a little lube in the bag for a fabulous treat.
  • In a condom
    Similar to plastic bags, condoms allow you to shoot, contain your semen, and can be tossed at your convenience. Get the condom on while you’re still masturbating, then finish the job. If you want to keep your hands clean or avoid leaking precum on anything, you can put the condom on as soon as you start getting hard. You can leave the spent condoms strategically in your wastebasket if you want people to think you’re often having sex. How to dispose of a used condom : you pull it out (don’t roll it back), then you make a knot at the open end to keep the white stuff inside.
  • In a sex toy
    Disposable or not, you could say they are ultra-specialized plastic bags ! Fuck toys have the obvious added benefit of caring for your cock from the start, enhancing the overall masturbation experience and often leading to stronger orgasm because of how they are designed. After all, it is also why they exist.
  • On a plastic sheet on the floor
    After you ejaculate, you can then measure and see how far you shot this time ! It can be noisy though, so it may not be a good idea if you are trying not to draw attention…
  • Into the soil
    An eco-friendly solution to the problem : it wastes no water, creates no garbage, and it’s good for the environment. Spunk is 100 % biodegradeable and contains protein, minerals, and nitrogen that plants thrive on. Shoot into the soil of a houseplant, or into the shrubs outdoors. You’ll be doing the plants a favor by fertilizing them… and your friends will be impressed by your green thumb.
  • Into the toilet
    This takes good aim, but it’s the tidiest method. Simple and easy — one flush and you’re done. It’s practical, but not sensual nor sexy. At least it leaves no evidence… if you aim correctly !
  • Into the sink
    Certainly easier than the toilet method. Position yourself in front of the (bathroom) sink when you feel ready, and go ! If you tend too shoot far, place your other hand somewhere in the trajectory of your cum shot, palm facing down and fingers pointing towards the sink. This will act like a deflector, sending your stuff in the sink. Your at the perfect spot to wash your hands afterwards !
  • In the shower
    Carefree ejaculation is one of the many advantages to jerking off in the shower, along with privacy, lots of slippery stuff for lube (shampoo, hair conditioner), and multitasking as you tend to your daily hygiene. And at the end, it all washes down the drain.
  • In a scrapbook
    Do you like to keep a record of your accomplishments ? Buy a large scrapbook with plain heavy paper pages. Before you start masturbating, lay the book open to a fresh page. When you cum, spew your wad onto the paper. Write down the date and any comments (volume, consistency, etc.). Let it dry completely, otherwise the pages will stick together.
  • Into a shot glass
    Squirting into a shot glass is cool because you can see the volume of your load and get a good look at the colour and consistency. It then makes it easy to drink, if you are so inclined, or to wash away.

Once again, whatever you do, you must first let yourself cum without restraint. Messiness and sex go hand in hand ! The messier, the merrier. 😉

[Adapted from Let’s Masturbate]

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I've always wanted to see a video of a guy's masterbation go from really soft to really hard…think you can make it happen?

I’ve posted a precious few vids like that : there are not that many good ones available.

Here’s one to get you started.

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Mikej167's orgasms in slow motion (4)

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im bi. im 19 yo. i wear slip. (my all girl and boy friend hate slip) i tried boxer short but its not comfortable (make me long time hard and my dick 15 cm but bulge look like 20 cm...). do u have any suggestion ? (how do u wear these boxer shorts i dont understand it make me horny when i try :))) )

Since they make you hard, it means that you have sexualized the boxer short. They represent something arousing, maybe because of a particular event ?

At any rate, the only thing you can do is desexualize them if you want to wear them. I’d say : wear them all the time ! You’ll desensitize yourself.

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So I have a question maybe you could answer. You know how cut penises are usually kind of rough and wrinkly, while uncut are shiny and smooth, right? I am uncut, but my penis is kind of wrinkly on the glans. (It is smooth and shiny near frenulum, and rough on the top) So my quesiton is - why is that, and can I change it? Maybe I masturbate too hard? I tried to be more gentle but it didn't help much.

1- Why is that ?

Probably because your foreskin leaves a part of your glans exposed ? I don’t see it as a problem though.

2- Can you change it ?

Depending of the cause, maybe. Whatever the cause and the changes you do, the appearance of your cock head won’t change in over single day. Think weeks and months instead.

In the context of your masturbation… you seem to imply you use a rough technique to masturbate, but changing to a gentler technique didn’t help much. Well I’m tented to say : if it didn’t help much, does it mean it changed a little ? If it did, maybe you weren’t patient enough, and it also means that your technique should be seriously revised. Once again, after a change of habit, the body will adapt over weeks and months (not days). So you have to be patient to see if the change you made does indeed correct the situation.

In the meantime, if your cock head is rough and wrinkly, use vaseline for rehydration and to isolate the skin from the chaffing…

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