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I'm 23. I never had a sex with girl or boy :) When i watching gay videos my ass starting to be hot and itch. İts not joke :) Is it normal and what should i do?

Why haven’t you had sex ?
What’s preventing you to have sex ?
With whom do you want to have sex with (boy or girl) ?

I think your body is desperate you make a move. So it’s sending you all kinds of message to prod you.

Look at your porn stash : what do you see ? Now you know the type you should be looking for ! Now close your laptop, have a shower and go meet the person you and your body so obviously need !

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Masturbating (to ejaculation) with a friend

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Hey, can you remove post number 73979527512, or at least edit it so that my name/partial email isn't visible in the text? It was mine, and I didn't think any of that would show up on there.

I’ve adjusted the post to your liking. Note however that :

  • I always remove the email of the sender when one sends me a submission with his email attached.
  • I also always remove nominal information (like the family name), to avoid anyone being recognized.

What I had left with your submission was your first name and, without being impolite, you don’t have a very unusual one.

If someone recognizes you with a close-up picture of your erection and your commonplace first name as their only hints, you’ve had to be very intimate with them to begin with. If you are being asked by these intimate people, you should ask them where they say they have seen this pic they think it is of you, and then ask them what were they doing on that particular site in the first place…

Lastly, never forget that the internet has a memory and if I can control the content of my blog, I truly cannot control the content of any other blogs (who may have reblogged your photo, or worse reposted it (without a link back)) nor the snapshots taken at various time by webcrawlers and other automated site indexers (of Google and friends).

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The porn on his iPod was excellent. (Point of no-return 0:05 ; ejaculation 0:08)

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Are there any good online communities for men who like to goon and like talking about gooning with each other? I've searched high and low, but to no avail. I want to chat with people that are just as obsessed with their cocks as I am.

I’d say, most definitely, that Bateworld is where you should go to discuss masturbation, edging and gooning.

Update (other sites mentioned in the replies) : dick.net, lpsg.com

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Maybe my followers have other suggestions ?

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Can't agree more about the moaning thing. I service a few buds on a regular basis with long, drawn out lubed handjobs and seeing their teeth grit and groan while they pump cum all over my hands or body is insanely hot. You know you did a good job when they lay there for a few minutes just taking in the orgasm..

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Mind and MastMerged in MerrimentMateriality of Maleness


Mind and Mast
Merged in Merriment
Materiality of Maleness

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secretpervert-universe getting ready to masturbate

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Moans of a lubed masturbator

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how can I lick my dick

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